Global Awakening Congress

GodDay 12.12.12

Restoring Honor to God and Fathering the Fatherless


“A Day like no other, GodDay, will begin on 12-12-12. A sound will be released that will awaken a city to awaken nations. This sound of awakening shall go forth and an army of awakening shall arise in kingdom government and demonstration. Supernatural signs, wonders and miracles shall continually increase. Mass deliverance and salvation will break out in cities and regions. Places that were once dead in sin will spring forth in revival. News networks will report locally and globally about this phenomenon. Those who embrace this move will experience economic turnarounds. The very economies of cities shall be revived and awakened as they enter into My Day and embrace my righteous cause. Yes, I will favor those who favor righteousness and the righteous,” 


~ A Prophectic Decree by Dr. Joshua Fowler



Establishing a new Foundation for the Future


Shoes4Kids is non-profit Charitable organization consisting of local businesses, churches and community organizations partnering together to provide new shoes and mentoring programs for fatherless and at risk children and their families.


Through on-going mentoring programs, we will build close-knit relationships where each party is intricately connected to one another. Shoes4kids has been designed to create a 'Safety Net'  for Children who might otherwise 'fall through the cracks' of existing programs.


Global Awakening Congress

December 12th - December 14th, 2012


The Global Awakening Congress is aimed at empowering attedees to create a kingdom-minded climate in their communities. This meeting will reveal to leaders their significant role in transforming their cities for the great awakening and the masses of people associated with it.


National and Global Leaders will be present to discuss, brainstorm, and dialog with attendees about specific strategies to transform the economic and spritual climates of their cities.